Down the Procurement Pub with Waste, CIPS, Maistro and Beach Riot

Here are two very happy gentlemen, Paddy Lawton (founder of Spend360, sold to Coupa two years ago) and Garry Mansell (previously Chief Executive of Trade Extensions, sold to Coupa 18 months ago), dining at La Barca, an old-school (except for the prices which are very 2018) very good Italian restaurant near Waterloo. But why are they so happy? Maybe there is a clue in headlines like this – “Coupa’s stock soars as it acquires DCR Workforce and beats earnings forecast”. Cheers, guys! And can you lend me a tenner till Monday?


Our undercover reporter tells us that Russell Kane, the host, was “very good and quite edgy really by CIPS standards” at the CIPS SM Awards on Wednesday night.  Well done to all the winners and we will have more from undercover reporter, who may reveal herself as well, next week.  The results are here, but I have just noticed there was no “Professional of the Year” award though. Were there no entries or has that been subsumed into the Procurement Power list?


According to Waste Management World (what, you mean you don’t read it daily?), there is a new toolkit available to help UK local authorities achieve value from their waste contracts. It is published by environmental consultancy, Ricardo, and sponsored by SUEZ – “ the document is intended to provide UK local authorities with a blueprint for creating waste service procurement strategies that drive contractors to deliver high performance, innovation and value for residents”. It includes advice on procurement approaches, how to package services and define requirements in a way that will stimulate competition. You can download the report “Procuring Waste Management Services: A toolkit for local authority officers” free of charge here.


Good news for Maistro, the services platform provider we featured here when we reported on their phoenix-like rise from the ashes of blurGroup. Proactive Investors website reported that “Maistro saw its shares jump higher in early trade on Tuesday (4th September) after the eProcurement specialist said it expects its first-half 2018 revenue to exceed full-year 2017 levels. In a brief business update, the AIM-listed firm added that the strong revenue performance contributed to “increasing management confidence that this trend will accelerate into 2019 and beyond.”  There is still a long way to go, but with the grown-ups in charge now, there is hope.


Continuing our series of lesser known bands who graced the BBC Introducing stage at Reading Festival recently, today we have Beach Riot, with their excellent Nirvana meets Inheaven vibe. (Ah, girls playing rock guitar … is there anything better?)

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