Down the Procurement Pub with Zycus, BravoSolution, the new CIPS President and Neon Waltz

I foolishly didn’t take any pictures in Berlin from the German pub (with Guy Allen), the Irish bar (with two very eminent CPOs), the Italian Pizza place or even the hotel bar during my three days at ProcureCon. So the best I can do is this from the drinks in the exhibition area at the end of day one - friends from Xoomworks and a familiar face from Iasta gatecrashing their stand ..!


I’m speaking at a Zycus CPO Connect dinner in London on November 25th, 6pm onwards at the rather pleasant Maze Gordon Ramsey restaurant in London. We’ll have more detail next week, but as well as the chance to network with a group of other professionals, I’m definitely aiming to be provoking, talking about “Securing Procurement’s Future – the next ten years”. And here’s a clue - I don’t see “more of the same” as the answer to that challenge. There are still a few places left for senior practitioners, and you can register here. There are also dinners in Amsterdam and Geneva the same week if that suits you better (I’m not at those).


Many congratulations to our US colleagues who this week celebrated their ten year anniversary from the founding of the Spend Matters blog in the USA. Jason Busch and Lisa Reisman, with other contributors over the years, (and I’ll single out Sheena Moore / Smith here who has been a key part of the success), have a lot to be proud of. But onwards and upwards - the team also moved into their new office in Chicago. Read more about the anniversary here, although you’ve missed the free beers I’m afraid. Spend Matters UK/Europe hit four years recently, but at my age, birthdays are the last thing you want to highlight ..!


Don’t forget to download our new research paper, sponsored by BravoSolution, and free on registration - “Three Occasions When Procurement Should Spend More”. We think it should provoke some debate in the profession, but we can’t have that debate unless you read it! We’ll have more on it next week as well.


Congratulations also to Babs Omotowa, the new CIPS President, who took over this week from the indefatigable Craig Lardner. Omotowa told Supply Management magazine that his Presidential theme for the year is ‘procurement and supply comes of age – raise your game, raise your voice’

I hope he is going to explain more in the next edition of Supply Management (or maybe he will talk to us directly) because whilst that is suitably stirring, it doesn’t in itself mean a lot. “Raise my voice”...about what? How? When? That needs fleshing out, I’d humbly suggest, if it is going to be as powerful as some of the recent Presidential themes. Lardner had his “pay it forward” idea which you could actually measure and report on, whilst David Smith with his encouraging people into the profession theme was similarly clear and pretty tangible. So I hope we will see some expansion of “raise your game” into something that is as close to SMART as possible ... (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound).


I haven’t had much time to listen to music this week, but just the intro to this gave me one of those shivers down the spine moments, when you remember how much you love music. Neon Waltz are from the very northernmost mainland tip of Scotland, and this track Sundial was recorded at a very small gig in a disused castle in Scotland. Lovely.

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