Down the Procurement Pub with Zycus, Jo Meehan, Jagwar Ma and ProcureCon marketing

To celebrate the start of summer, today's procurement pub drink is the very wonderful Pimms! (Don't bother with the cucumber is my advice, but ice, lemon and mint are essential, strawberries optional).


Thanks to the 300+ folk  who registered for our webinar on Wednesday (run in conjunction with Zycus), and even more thanks to those who dialled in, listened and contributed questions.  “Putting the supplier at the heart of procurement” was the topic, and we will be launching our briefing paper on the same subject very soon. If you missed the session, you can still register, listen back to it and see the slides here, then get a copy of the paper when it’s released.


We liked the article by Jo Meehan  (a lecturer in strategic purchasing at the University of Liverpool's Management School) on the Guardian’s website about whether the private sector is a good model for public sector procurement. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“Consolidated procurement in the private sector is used to standardise and ultimately to grow a business. For the public sector, the primary driver is resource reduction and shrinkage – not the greatest motivator for procurement professionals. Structures and regulation can negate savings achieved, and it is not possible to standardise everything as communities have diverse needs and priorities”.

Good thoughtful stuff – read the whole thing here.


We’re heavily into the conference and events season now. There’s a big Forrester event next week in London – the forum for sourcing and vendor management professionals EMEA. It has quite a technical focus and  a strong speaker line up -  unfortunately it clashes with the ProcureCon Marketing Procurement event (that’s procurement of marketing services, not how to market procurement).  Looks like a good line up of speakers there as well and it’s a growing but challenging area for procurement, so I’m looking forward to hearing what is going on at the leading edge of that sector.  I might get to some of both but will certainly be at the ProcureCon event on Monday and perhaps some of Tuesday, so maybe see you there.


Finally, in the interest of keeping you at the leading edge of music, look out for Jagwar Ma getting big this summer. Combining late 60’s Californian psychedelia, a 90’s Madchester Happy Mondays / Stone Roses vibe and modern pop-electronica production values, all gives an intoxicating blend that is perfect summer music. And they’ve just been added to the Reading / Leeds festivals lie-up, along with a host of other bands including the brilliant Villagers. Jagwar Ma have only put a handful of tracks out so far, but here’s the excellent The Throw.

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