Down the Procurement Pub with Zycus, the Labour Party, Science Warehouse, and The Vinyl Records

Thanks to everyone who came to the CPO Connect Zycus dinner on Tuesday night in London. Interesting food at the Maze restaurant - small "tasting" dishes with some unusual flavour combinations. I spoke before dinner, and we then had a great discussion - really one of the best I've experienced at this sort of event, with some stimulating questions and ideas being thrown around. The topic was Securing the Future of Procurement - and we'll feature some of the content here shortly from that evening. Thanks to Zycus but particularly to everyone who came and contributed so splendidly.


You may feel you've read enough now about last week's HCSA health procurement conference, but if you want more, there is a good article from Jonathan Betts, Marketing Director of Science Warehouse on that firm's website here. Betts gives his ten take-ways from the event, including this...

  1. Clinician engagement

Certainly this is absolutely essential for procurement to gain traction but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the patient is the ultimate customer. Both as tax payers and consumers of healthcare, despite what the media says, everyone understands that there is a need to balance the demand, quality and cost equation. However, the public probably isn’t convinced of the need to invest in procurement to deliver this – HCSA let’s tell them!


The UK's opposition Labour Party has issued its first (interim) "zero-based review," looking at potential for savings in the Police Services. And lo and behold! Procurement savings account for no less than two thirds of the total identified! Yes, the magic wand of public procurement savings, known to balance any (future) budget projections, comes in handy again. £172 million apparently will come annually from joint purchasing of equipment. That appears to be a broad 10% saving applied to pretty much everything the police buy. No hint of the "how" of course, and we’ll probably come back to this next week. We might just be a touch cynical...


As we move towards the end of the year, excitement mounts in the music world - what will be the Spend Matters' Album of the year? Honest answer - I have no idea. For the first time since we started doing this, I don't have any albums that I think are truly outstanding - but a whole bunch that are very good. Could any late contenders come into play? We'll see, but the most interesting thing I've seen this week is that the much beloved rock mag NME has now got a digital NME India issue! From that, here is a bit of genius. Ignore the first minute of the video, (who is this band's adviser - a whole minute of irrelevant dead video is not a good idea) - then we have two minutes of Blondie /Ramones /Clash type genius from four young women from north-east India. The Vinyl Records, we love you!

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  1. Secret Squirrel:

    Re: The UK’s opposition Labour Party has issued its first (interim) “zero-based review,” looking at potential for savings in the Police Services…… They probably engaged PA to provide the same report they did on Firebuy2

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