Duncan Jones of Forrester on a Microsoft opportunity for buyers

Duncan Jones is Forrester's Principal Analyst and guru in the field of procurement technology and software, and is highly respected by pretty much everyone - even Jason Busch thinks Duncan knows what he's talking about!

He's written a very interesting and, more to the point, potentially valuable piece about the opportunities if you're negotiating with Microsoft at the moment.The title sums it up very clearly -

The Next Three Weeks Are Very Important To Microsoft, And That Gives Buyers Leverage

Microsoft are very unusual when you think about it, because pretty much every large (and indeed pretty much every small) organisation in the world has them on their supplier list. You can't say that about many firms.  So the analysis from Jones should be useful to many procurement people, as he points out that Microsoft are under intense pressure from competitors, analysts and investors, so their fourth quarter results (up to end of June) are even more critical than usual.

And that, of course, gives buyers opportunities and negotiating leverage for the next couple of weeks.. . read more here.

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