Edbury Daley Recruitment Report – the Latest on the Procurement Market

We have featured a number of Edbury Daley’s (ED) quarterly reports on the recruitment market here over the past couple of years. Their latest, looking at Q3 of 2015, is available now, and we found it perhaps the most interesting and thought-provoking yet. In terms of the demand for procurement practitioners, the core findings show a market that is still quite buoyant, but perhaps not quite as lively as a year or so ago.

“The main areas of demand continue to be in technology, par­ticularly software. Marketing and HR have also consistently had higher demand than other categories and this has reflected the perceived value of category expertise in these areas.

However the volumes are still not as buoyant as they were last year or in quarter one - specifically senior roles above £70k are fewer in number whether interim or permanent. This is probably a seasonal fluctuation over the summer period and the number of roles increased in September again - we will see if this con­tinues into Q4”.

The reason we like the report is the way it comments on broader issues in the procurement and procurement solutions market as well as simply how many jobs are out there. The firm pick up on some issues in the procurement outsourcing market – not just the changes at Xchanging, but a move to smaller “more project based” assignments rather than the mega outsource deals of the past. ED also comment on the need for consulting firms to have a strong technology offering.

It further confirms our view that consulting organisations not offering access to a procurement technology solution seem to be at a disadvantage in the current market. There is a view amongst many we speak to that the cycle for large outsourcing deals has passed and the focus is more on flexible short term help around specific challenges or categories”.

But there are opportunities for top Partner level consultants who can really help a firm build their business; and also for junior level folk with 2-3 years of experience – there is a shortage in this area which ED feel is “a legacy of the recession and the years that followed with a smaller number of graduates being trained in procurement by the traditional big employers of raw graduates”.

There is also a shortage of good candidates in the procurement technology space, and this is helping the interim market as well as permanent recruitment .

“The pressure created by the limited availability of skilled resources is such that the interim market for implementation experts has shown initial signs of growth this quarter as we’ve been predicting for some time. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the market leaders are seeing their order books grow”.

Anyway, there is a lot more interesting and useful comment in the Edbury Daley report – it’s well worth 15 minutes of your time if you are a prospective candidate yourself, a procurement executive who recruits, or on the solution provider side of things. You can download it here, free of charge.

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