Edbury Daley survey – how was your procurement recruitment experience?

Procurement recruitment firm Edbury Daley has launched an interesting survey, conisdering some issues that I don’t think I’ve seen looked at in this way previously.

The survey is aimed at procurement professionals who are or have been job-seekers in the past – so pretty much all of us then. It looks at attitudes towards the recruitment process. So for instance, how long is reasonable to wait to hear the results of an interview? How do you feel if your existing employer offers a pay rise to retain us when we offer our resignation – that sort of thing. Here’s how Edbury Daley describes the survey.

“Candidate facing, the questions have been written to test attitudes and experience towards the mechanics of a typical corporate recruitment process. With companies investing heavily in cutting edge talent attraction strategies, this survey is about what happens next; how candidates respond to companies’ selection procedures. To complete the survey simply think only of your experiences and responses as a candidate. There are just twelve carefully designed multiple choice questions”.

As you can see, it is a little different to most of the surveys we see, so worth supporting with a few minutes of your time. They feel like issues where I would genuinely like to know how the profession feels, which is a good test of a survey!

There are 12 questions, so it will literally take you 10 minutes to complete. As an incentive, Edbury Daley are offering three respondents, chosen at random, a free career consultation with Peter Brophy, a qualified HR professional and one of their Directors.

And of course we look forward to featuring the results here. So do complete the questions here.

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