Edbury Daley Survey – What Do Candidates Think of Your Recruitment Process?

Edbury Daley, the procurement recruitment specialists, has published the results of a survey they carried out recently, looking at candidates’ attitudes to the job-seeking and recruitment process.

It’s titled appropriately, “What Do Candidates Really Think Of Your Recruitment Process”?

As well as being of interest to candidates and potential candidates, the results should be noted by anybody involved in recruiting procurement staff, including line managers and CPOs of course. They show, perhaps unsurprisingly, that candidates have a pretty low tolerance for any incompetence and inefficiency shown through the recruitment process!

Some of the findings confirm what we might have guessed. At first interview stage, candidates are understandably not keen on assessment centres that require a significant amount of their time. In other cases, the data supports common sense but perhaps emphasises just how important certain issues are.

For instance, the vast majority of candidates see the first interview as a chance to get more detail on the organisation they might join. Many go even further and expect the recruiter to “sell” the opportunity to them – many applicants are far from sure about the job at this stage. So it is important to remember that as the interviewer, the person in front of you may not even be very committed to your wonderful role! In a market where talent and skills are in increasingly short supply, you are doing a sales job as the interviewer as well as trying to sift the candidates from your point of view.

Then we have feedback from the interview. 25% of the survey expects it within 48 hours, and 90% within a week. I wonder what percentage of recruiters deliver against that expectation? OK, it doesn’t mean the candidate definitely withdraws after that time, but at the very least, you are beginning to lose goodwill if you keep people waiting beyond that point, we’d suggest. Candidates also expect the second interview to come along fairly quickly – within 3 weeks was the view of the vast majority.

There’s more interesting content around salary. Surprisingly, 10% of people would move jobs for a mere 5% salary increase! Another 44% require 10%, and 39% want 20% or more. Maybe people are thinking holistically, and considering factors other than pure salary, which is sensible. But I think my view back in the days I was going for jobs would probably have been more in the 20% camp, based on the loss of security when you move and just that unknown factor. I guess it also depends on just how bad your current job is too!

You can get a copy of the report here by dropping an email to Edbury Daley. It contains more interesting stuff that we haven’t mentioned here – but it’s not overly long or wordy, so it will be a worthwhile 15 minutes or so of your time to look through it.

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