eInvoicing Webinar – Markus Hornburg Answers Your Questions

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar last Thursday with Markus Hornburg , VP of Global Product Compliance with Coupa. The title was “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About eInvoicing – But Were Afraid To Ask”.

After a quick bit of scene-setting from me, I put some of the key questions to Hornburg, then we had a good number of further questions from the audience, covering aspects such as the role of pdfs in eInvoicing and the knotty issue of what governments understand eInvoicing to mean in different countries.

That is one of Hornburg’s deep areas of expertise – he understands the government regulations around the world concerning invoicing better perhaps than anyone else in the industry. He explained how many parts of the world have moved ahead of Europe in terms of putting in place eInvoicing legislation and even mandating its use, and he was politely scathing about the lack of clear direction in the relatively recent EU procurement directives.

We ran out of time with 2 or 3 good questions unanswered – we’ve asked him to put some answers down in writing and we will feature them here in an article form him as soon as we can. There were also a few very much Coupa-specific questions which he will answer directly to the relevant people.

As well as his regulatory expertise and experience, he is also very knowledgeable yet pragmatic about other aspects of eInvoicing implementation, which came through in his answers to a number of the questions I posed to him and those from the delegates. “This is not a technology programme - it is a change programme” was one of his comments, and he talks about organisational readiness for eInvoicing. That means understanding why you are doing it, for a start, and then engaging all the key stakeholders in the organisation – procurement, AP, tax, legal, IT …

It might be over-stating things a little to say Hornburg makes the subject fun. I’m not convinced anyone could do that, even the early period Woody Allen, whose hilarious film inspired our webinar title! But he is as clear and intelligible as anyone I’ve heard on the topic, so if you have any interest, it’s well worth 45 minutes (precisely) of your time to take a look at the webinar. It’s still available here, free on registration of course.

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