Election manifestos and public procurement – wake up you at the back…

Please excuse the slight lack of exciting, incisive posts this week.

Apart from losing several valuable blogging hours through being forced to consume (against my will you understand) several glasses of what I believe is termed "beer" by a senior procurement professional, I have committed to writing an article for Supply Management about the main parties' election manifestos and their implications for public procurement and procurement people.

This is, as you might imagine, a time consuming and harrowing experience.  Once I am through it normal service will be resumed.

But I did note this from Labour's document;

"And public procurement will in future give priority to local people."

I'm sorry, run that by me again?  Isn't that...illegal (as well as impractical and uneconomic) ?   I think that's the word I'm searching for.

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  1. Charles Eddolls:

    Peter who ever stated that politicians new anything about the law? If they did we would be relaxed in the knowledge that our leaders would be looking to our future and not their own!!

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