Embarrassing photo from Procurement Leaders event….

I will get round to writing some more serious stuff about the Procurement Leaders (PL) event over the weekend, but in the meantime, here's a good piece from the PL website about the Anglo-American session which I also though was very thought -provoking.  The whole topic of what we might call 'sustainable procurement' was very high on the agenda at the event and we'll have some news next week on how we're going to reflect that here through June...

But with the Bribery Act coming in soon, I thought I better declare this; here's a picture of me (with Mr Garry Mansell, CEO of Trade Extensions), winning a Kindle in their Business Card Draw at the event!  It was all very above board, drawn (in public) by Alex Martinez from Procurement Leaders, but I was more than slightly embarrassed to win given Trade Extensions are of course one of our sponsors (and don't forget to download our White Paper paper on optimisation - see  'Research Information' section on the right hand side of this page..)

Although, now I think about it,  I suppose it should be me bribing him really...   I'm his supplier so this way round doesn't really work as bribery! Thanks anyway Garry.

Anyway, I've had quite a few LinkedIn invites following the event,  some new readers here, a couple of new Twitter followers (@gpetersmith) and positive comments about the session on 'complex services' that I ran on behalf of Beeline.

So thanks again, particularly to everyone in the session who asked me 'difficult' questions and brought their own experience to bear (you know who you are ) - because that is actually I think what makes such sessions interesting and useful, rather than just a 40 minute monologue.  One of those discussions we got into was around whether a category manager in a 'complex service' area needs to be expert in that category or not; it's such an interesting issue, so I think we'll have it as our 'Question of the Week' next week...

Have a great weekend, enjoy Barcelona V Man United and the long weekend (if your country has Monday as a holiday)!

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  1. Jason Busch:

    What is Peter going to do with a Kindle? He just discovered the world of smart phones, this might be too overwhelming …

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