Emergency Music Post – 2 days to listen to one of the albums of the year…

I've mentioned the tremendous NPR (National Public Radio) website before and their habit of offering free streaming of some tremendous new albums before release.  It truly is one of the gifts of the Internet....

I was planning to do a full music review next weekend, and as such was listening on NPR today to the new Robert Plant album - Band of Joy.   And it is tremendous.  The overall feel is somewhere between the folkier side of  Zeppelin and his 'Raising Sand' (with Alison Krauss) country / blues album; even on first listen I prefer it to the latter, and it is right up there in my album of the year chart already.  Let's not anticipate the full review too much; but it is only available on NPR till its release on the 14th, so have a listen this weekend! Try and listen to the whole thing - it is one of those rare albums that has a flow, a warp and a weft to it rather than being a collection of random songs arbitrarily stitched together.

NPR have some other pretty good stuff on there at the moment - just listened to a couple of Walkmen tracks from Lisbon, their new offering (good, underrated band) and they sound very strong (listen to Juvenile for a typical Walkmen track and  Stranded for something a little different).

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