Emptoris Empower in Boston – some people have all the fun

My blogging friend Jason Busch is at the Emptoris Empower 2010 Conference in Boston.  I am very jealous as Boston is one of my three favourite cities I've ever visited, their weather is good apparenetly, while we seem to have slipped firmly into Autumn (Winter?) here in England.

Anyway, Jason is posting from the conference, and here are his initial background piece and his latest commentary on the event so far and the business update Emptoris has announced.

And the numbers Emptoris have released look pretty impressive (at first sight at least): according to their press release,

Emptoris, Inc., a leading provider of strategic supply and contract management solutions, reported today that the company has recorded record sales bookings growth of 91% during the first half of 2010 compared to the same period in the prior year.

They've also announced three new senior level recruits, and Jason confirms that they have got a pretty impressive group of around 300 customers together for the event, with good numbers of CPOs and CTOs amongst them.  They planned a European event earlier this year which was cancelled because of the Volcanic Ash (remember that - all seems like a bit of a dream now doesn't it?)  So it's good to know Boston hasn't been interrupted by plagues of locusts or whirlwinds...

More later in the week and do have a look at Spend Matters for further detail and insight.

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