Emptoris move into China

One of my New Year resolutions here was to improve my own knowledge of procurement related software and report on major issues and news of interest in that sphere.  On that note, I was interested to see that Emptoris have announced a major move into China.  Emptoris have been very successful in the whole e-Sourcing arena, and have got strong presence in the UK public sector.  A number of the biggest government departments are major users including the Home Office who make use of Emptoris spend analysis, sourcing and contract management capability.

China has been in the news recently in terms of Google and the implications for businesses who want to be part of the largest and most dynamic market in the world.  While I think tensions such as those exposed by Google’s decisions will continue and aren’t easily resolved, I have no doubt that the development of China is going to be one of the two most important geo-political and economic issues of my daughter’s lifetime.   And this will affect business hugely, including procurement and everything connected.  Just as a small example; what happens when CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) has more members in China than the UK?  Does it matter?  I think it does – not in a bad way, but it has real implications.

Anyway, back to Emptoris; their move into China is an obvious development I guess, and I bet the potential revenue projections are eye-watering.   So any Emptoris implementation experts reading this who are also fluent in Mandarin; opportunity may be knocking!

And any comments here about Emptoris (or indeed other solution providers) that might interest other readers would  be very interesting and welcome.

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