Emptoris procurement event bites the (volcanic) dust….

I was looking forward very much to being a keynote speaker at this week's Emptoris "Empower Europe" 2010 conference this week.  Unfortunately, given the disruption to air travel, many of the delegates, speakers  and Emptoris staff couldn't make it to the UK.  So it is postponed.

Emptoris have got some impressive traction in the UK public sector in recent times, and as part of my personal development plan to get myself more familiar with the key procurement software providers, I was looking forward to learning something, as well as speaking.

And I was planning to use my speech to launch my book!  I haven't mentioned it here up to now because I wanted to be really really sure it was happening; but "Buying professional services - How to get value for money from consultants and other professional services providers"  (yes, I know it isn't the snappiest title), co-authored with Fiona Czerniawksa,  will be out in June. More details to follow....

But anyway, Emptoris think they may be able to re-schedule in June, so let's hope that works out.

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