Encouraging Risk, Procurement Scenario Planning, Robert Plant’s 65th Birthday

Direct procurement webinar next week!

Join Pierre Mitchell and E2open's Mondher Ben Hamida as they discuss the results of our recent direct procurement survey conducted with ISM. Takeaways include:

  • Best practices from dozens of successful direct procurement organizations
  • 11 specific direct procurement capabilities you can implement for broader supply value capture
  • What you need to build a business case around those capabilities
  • Plus an audience Q&A

Space is limited - click here to reserve your spot now!

Risky business.

If risk can be quantified and understood, then it's our hypothesis that it can also be bought/sold, mitigated, and even created (by design) to impact competitors in the market. How can you "play" with risk, so to speak? Read more here.

A new type of research.

New Joint Research with Procurian: Logistics Summer 2013 Market Analysis and Perspective - Earlier this week, Spend Matters and Procurian announced a new joint category focused research series: Category Watch. We’re excited to release the second research brief in this ongoing series today, Logistics Category Perspective: Strategies and Trends in Trucking and Intermodal (free, registration required). The first brief in our Category Watch series was largely data, price, and forecast driven analysis of the trucking and intermodal market, designed to provide those deep in the logistics trenches with tactical market intelligence and sourcing recommendations.

A burning question on everyone's mind: How should you be building procurement scenarios??

And finally, Robert Plant became an old age pensioner this week, turning 65 on August 20. In honor, here is my absolute favorite Led Zeppelin song:

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