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You may have noticed the name of Enrich appear as a new Associate Sponsor for Spend Matters UK/Europe – we’re delighted to welcome the firm to the site.

We first featured them last February  Enrich merged with e-three, an interesting move that created strong player particularly in the Oracle arena. Enrich had core skills in Oracle deployment, system integration and implementations, whilst e-three were a much smaller UK based firm with more of a consulting base, who specialised in both Oracle procurement and supply chain implementation  support and in providing tools and support to help users get more out of their Oracle software.

Here’s a sample of what my colleague Jason Busch said then:

In our view, the nuance of the combined professional services and SaaS-delivery organization is that e-Three brings sourcing and procurement expertise beyond its small numbers and Enrich brings a level of understanding of user experience and a re-skinning and hosted deployment mash-up of diverse Oracle applications. For example, Enrich has developed a new user interface for eBusiness Suite procurement modules alongside hosted Fusion Procurement Contracts that provides an integrated and common user experience cross-platform. This latter capability, especially, extends significantly past what typical systems integrators or Oracle BPO partners provide.


I then met some of the e-Three team in London, and liked the sound of their offerings to enhance the whole Oracle experience. Those included running sourcing or auction events, supplier onboarding, training and support acclivities, services around spend analytics... all sorts of services and products to make the Oracle users life better and returns greater.  As I said last Spring:

And the firm has developed some add-ons to Oracle – so they can offer “as a SaaS subscription hosted or on-premise model, our Procurement-In-a-BoxTM offers a full suite of services and supplier integration with Oracle’s Advance Procurement Suite”.  “Procurement-In-a-BoxTM ” – I rather like that…

In a procurement systems sense, Oracle haven’t been as visible maybe in the European market over the last year or so as SAP with their Ariba acquisition, but certainly my US colleague Jason Busch believes they have some interesting developments and capabilities that may deserve more attention from procurement professionals. We’ll be talking in more detail with Enrich very soon, and we will give you an update then on progress since their merger, the latest from the firm and from Oracle itself.

But until then, we welcome Enrich to Spend Matters UK/Europe!

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