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Sievo recruit a heavyweight to drive sales

We featured Sievo, the Finnish software firm with an interesting angle on procurement performance management here, and we'll be coming back to them in more detail shortly.  They announced recently that Karsten Rose* has been appointed as their new Vice President Sales and Marketing globally.  He joins Sievo from procurement solutions giant Ariba where he lastly held the position of Director Sales for their Central European & Eastern European region.  A bit of a coup for Sievo, we think...

(*Don't you think Karsten Rose would be a great name for the lead singer in a heavy metal yet strangely melodic rock band?)

@UK- picking up or a false dawn?

"Growth Company Investor" reports on @UK, one of the relatively few UK based, publicly quoted e-procurement firms, (see our previous piece here).  They say delays in turning enquiries into orders will mean good news is deferred till later in the year.  They warn a 'significant' upturn in inquiries in the second half did not translate into orders before the end of the year.

First-half losses were reduced to 23 per cent to £350,000 on interim turnover down 18 per cent to £1.2 million. So it's still a bit of a jam tomorrow outlook for them, although new products look interesting and have potential - eMarketplace, linking thousands of suppliers and public sector bodies, and Green Marketplace, enabling suppliers to put a carbon footprint measure on each of their products at a 'significantly lower' cost than was previously possible.

Paddy Problems

And in a great example of how the apparently least strategic, bottom left  quadrant spend categories or items can still cause major problems in your supply chain, the purchase of unmilled rice has run into problems in parts of India due to a lack of empty bags to store it in, reports the Times of India.  'The ship was spolit for a ha'porth of tar' and all that sort of thing.

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