Eurovision Song Contest – who will win?

Tonight, all over Europe, people will be sitting in front of their TV sets, at home or in pubs or at parties, and saying “oh my goodness, what on earth is she doing / he singing / they wearing?”

Yes, it is Eurovision time. Your only chance to see a man running in a hamster wheel whilst a  Katy Perry look-alike shouts “tick tock” at you (Ukraine), Polish girls with well-developed physiques washing clothes on stage whilst smouldering at the camera, a bearded drag act singing the best James Bond theme tune pastiche you will ever hear (Austria), along with a quite decent Indie band (Finland), a nice little folk number (Netherlands), a not-bad One Direction rip-off (Denmark), and six strange Icelandic guys, including one of their members  of Parliament, in brightly coloured kit, with a jolly pop- punky number called ‘No Prejudice’.

All of those, incidentally, are serious contenders, in my expert opinion, along with Armenia (big song, neat almost dub-step breakdown), Sweden (competent big ballad) and maybe even the UK for once (rousing let’s all live together in peace and harmony ditty).

It is hard to call this year, and even more interesting than usual, as socio-geo-political tensions will be played out on stage. Will the somewhat homophobic countries (no names mentioned) refuse to support Austria ? It is probably the strongest song, if a little dated, and the artist, Conchita Wurst has a truly excellent voice.

And what about the Russia / Ukraine tension? Votes from the Crimea will apparently be recorded as Ukrainian, so don’t be surprised to see Ukraine giving Russia a pretty good score! But will other Eastern European countries boycott Russia (a pair of cute, blond 17 year old twin sisters...), or vote for them as a “please don’t invade our country” sop?

I find it hard to predict. In a year of so many subtexts, Sweden and the Netherlands seem a little dull. The UK  - no, it can’t be, although we are third favourite with the bookies.  On the grounds that sympathy might beat sexual confusion, I tip Ukraine, but I might put a fiver on Conchita too.

As an outsider, Denmark may be worth an outside bet with their pretty boys, competent song and lively performance. I rather like Slovenia as well, but at 200-1, clearly no-one else does. But a note of warning – it is quite  few years since I tipped the winner, so please don’t invest your life savings!

And it is a shame in some sense that we now have a semi-final round, which means that the truly weird and dreadful stuff gets eliminated before tonight. Listen to this, the Georgian prog-folk-jazz-fusion entry, and perhaps the strangest three minutes of music you will EVER hear!

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First Voice

  1. Norma Storm:

    I cannot understand why Turkey was not in the Eurovision song contest and why they did not vote, a couple of other countries did not vote either.

    It was disgusting that the twin 17 year old singers from Russia were booed, they are not to blame for anything – shame on the people who booed how sick.

    The show was not very well organised it was a pity that we did not get to see much of Denmark or any of the competitors countries, the stage stage background looked like scaffolding. The commentators were a bit lack lustre as well

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