It’s Eurovision Song Contest Day!

As a special treat for our many music fans, a few highlights of Eurovision over the years.

This song from Ukraine - 'Wild Dances' - was actually voted the best ever Eurovision winner (2004) a while ago. I'm not sure about that, but it's not bad and it's an energetic performance from Ruslana and her chaps!

One of the greatest songs ever from Eurovision - 'Love is Blue'. Now seen as an all-time classic, but it came 4th in 1967, losing to 'Puppet on a String', which maybe hasn't aged as well! The singer, Vicky Leandros, went on to win for Luxembourg five years later with 'Apres Toi'.

The most embarrassing UK entry ever? Cringe along at 2:50.....

My personal UK favourite - Gina G from 1996. It's the song, of course it's the song...

At my wife's insistence, here's Lordi - the 2006 winner amazingly!

And finally, the Romanian entry from 2009, included for all of you who like....horses....

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