It’s Event Time with eWorld Purchasing – sorry, PROCUREMENT and Supply in London Again

It’s about time we mentioned a couple of the best procurement industry and technology events that are coming around again (doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun)?  March 3rd sees eWorld Procurement & Supply taking place at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, London again.  (Do I spot a subtle CIPS-type change there from the previous “purchasing and supply” description)?

Now there is a testimonial on their website (we won’t name names) from someone who says “great speakers and brilliant choice of venue.”  No, I can’t agree with that. The venue is basically rather peculiar and certainly not as good as many I’ve seen – it has some real negatives and I cannot see for the life of me how anyone could describe it as “brilliant”. For a start, getting lost between breakout sessions is a occupational hazard, even to regulars. And one of the break out areas ... no, let’s not pursue this too far!

Despite these issues, the venue just about works, the cramped exhibition area does force people to talk to each other, and the location is great for London-based folk. Back to the testimonial – the truth is that the speeches are highly variable – from the brilliant to the frankly dreadful. Sponsors get their own speaking slots, some use it well and some don’t. It’s hard to tell from the programme, but if you ask around, you may find veterans who will know at least some of the speakers and advise you on the likely quality!

Despite these comments, there are three factors that make it a very worthwhile event for the procurement practitioner:

1.  You get a lot of solution providers, who sponsor the event obviously, in one place at one time. Make use of that, we suggest, to get around and talk to those who are or might be interesting. See it as an educational opportunity to catch up on the latest ideas, providers, technology in our industry. You can cover more ground in a day than you could in a week if you were relying on the normal run of meetings, calls and research.

2.  Some of the presentations are very good. Choose carefully, these days you can even sometimes locate speakers’ past performances on YouTube so it is worth checking out whether they are going to inspire you or bore you to sleep. eWorld can be a bit "the usual suspects” – Proactis seem to have a lifetime contract to be Platinum Sponsor so it is hard to believe there’s anyone left who hasn’t heard Simon Dadswell talking about their lovely products! (Not that he isn’t good, etc etc). But there are some different faces this time, including our new friend Tania Seary, founder of Procurious, who I suspect will be well worth hearing.

3.  It’s free! For practitioners anyway. And the conference programme is pretty extensive these days, much stronger indeed than you get at some events that will charge you a lot of money to attend. So excellent value for money, which we all like.

So, if you have any interest in procurement technology in particular, we do recommend eWorld as potentially a very good use of your time, as long as you make the effort to network, talk to vendors and to other practitioners. I don’t think I’m personally presenting this time around, so there’s another good reason to go ..!

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First Voice

  1. Lydia Ginsbury:

    Hi Peter

    Many thanks for the event mention. You guessed right we changed the event name to keep in line with our partner CIPS, along with the name change we have also rebranded and created a new website.

    With regards to the venue this can be challenging sometimes for new attendees but we now produce an ‘at a glance’ sheet’ which has useful information to help you navigate around the venue, plus details on the free tea and coffee vouchers and bacon sandwich! We always listen to delegate feedback and at the next event we will be including further signage for the free tea & coffee vouchers plus improving the location of the information desk.

    Also, regards seminars, we agree, sometimes they can vary but we guide all sponsors in how to present but once they’re on the stage we rely on them to deliver educational content – please take note sponsors it doesn’t reflect well on you to present a sales pitch.

    Hope to see you at the next event Peter, the full programme will be online later this week.

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