Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Your Spend Data – But Were Afraid To Ask!

If you’ve seen founder of analytics firm Spend360 Paddy Lawton speaking before, perhaps at the recent eWorld event in London, you will know that he can make the subject of spend analytics much more interesting than you might expect.

Lawton is now General Manager for Coupa Spend since the spend management software firm acquired Spend360 earlier this year. He is that rare animal – a pretty deep techie, with a serious background in software, machine learning and so on, but also a man who can communicate his enthusiasm very well and in comprehensible terms to an audience.

So our webinar with him on November 28th at 12 noon (UK time) should be enjoyable as well as informative – that’s the aim anyway. It lasts for 45 minutes and you can now register here, free of charge of course.

In the session, I’m going to be previewing and giving some highlights from our new briefing paper (written in conjunction with Coupa), titled Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Spend Data… (But Were Afraid to Ask).  Assuming all goes well, that will be published in the next couple of weeks and before the webinar, and we’ll let you know here when it is available.

In that paper we look at six areas where spend analytics can add value now and will be able to add more as we move into the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’ll be running through those quickly to highlight some of the critical benefits that you should be looking for in terms of making the most of your spend data. And it’s certainly not just about identifying leverage plays.

Then I’ll be asking Lawton some questions and we’ll get into some discussion around both where we are today and where he thinks this whole field is going over the next few years. He is quite visionary but also pretty pragmatic, so expect useful insights and a sense of direction rather than “science fiction” type ideas!

There will also be a chance for delegates to put questions to him too, so please do register now for this event. Registering also means that if you can’t make it on the day, you will very shortly afterwards get a link so you can watch and listen to the event anyway at a time of your convenience. We’re sure that anyone interested in really identifying opportunities and risks from their spend data will get something worthwhile out of this.

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