The Evolution of Procurement (and Where Next) – New Paper and Webinar on March 7th

On March 7th  at 4pm we have a free webinar - “The Evolution of Procurement – Alignment, Flexibility and Procurement-as-a-Service”.  Also speaking is Jon Milton, Business Development Director of Comensura, who manage contingent labour spend and other complex service spend for many clients in the public and private sectors.

And hot off the press, we're pleased to announce there is a briefing paper available with a similar theme, written by Peter and available to download free on registration here through this link. It is a stimulating and thought-provoking 10-minute read, so do have a look at it now.

Back to the webinar. We’ll be talking about how procurement has developed into the dynamic, business-focused function it is today – well, in some organisations anyway. But where do we go next? One of the ideas is the “procurement as a service” (PaaS) concept. This is being talked about more and more, driven by the huge growth of interest in and sales of cloud-based “software as a service”.

But what does the “as-a-service” concept mean when we apply it to procurement?  We can’t deliver procurement to our internal stakeholders purely from “the cloud” can we, so is it meaningless in this sense? Perhaps not. There are we believe some useful ideas sitting behind the “as-a-service” cliché that procurement functions should consider. There may even be a couple of situations in which a real “as a service” model might work for certain organisations – we will be going into this in more detail on the 7th.

That will take us on to questions of “alignment”, another hot topic in the procurement world, and we will explain how alignment with key stakeholders can be more difficult than it sounds. We’ll discuss the difference between alignment with the organisation and alignment with key stakeholders, the tensions caused by that, and what procurement professionals can do about it.

We’ll also get onto some more specific issues around management of complex service categories such as contingent labour, where the role of procurement is changing and needs to change further if we are to sustain a value-adding role.

So the format is two short presentations, then some discussion between Jon and Peter which we will open up to Q&A from the audience – all packed into 45 minutes max. Do sign up now for March 7th; 4pm in the UK, 5pm in western Europe, 11am in New York …

And don't forget the paper too...

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