eWorld 2011 – making friends with Ariba (and other procurement providers)

It was the eWorld event at the QE2 Conference Centre in Westminster on Wednesday and I went along for part of the day.  There were lots of familiar names amongst the sponsors, ranging from the very large and well known (including Ariba, who spoke to me even after I told them I was a friend of Jason Busch), to the much smaller and younger, like Mercato, Market Dojo and Due North (more about some of these next week).

The general view from exhibitors was pretty positive about the event; the workshops / presentation I went to got around 40 or 50 people attending each; not bad as there were 4 simultaneously running (and I understand the keynotes got over 100). I would think there were 200 -300 attendees (the organisers now tell me it was 350) and they seemed to be in the main quite 'serious' people, with a good balanced mix of private and public sector delegates.

I only made it to a couple of presentations but if I had one complaint it was that it was hard to work out the content of the sessions from the title provided; certainly one I went to was nothing like I'd expected.

This is the first year eWorld has been a 1-day rather than 2-day event and that seems to have worked well.  One exhibitor told me he'd got "about 15 leads; I reckon 8 are pretty serious."  I don't know what he paid for his stand, but that's probably a pretty good return on the day I guess.

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  1. Mike Pringle:

    Hi Peter

    We only succumbed to exhibiting quite recently (having been an exhibitor at eWorld for many many years) with low expectations. Am pleased to report that the new format seemed to work very well for all concerned and plan to keep up our attendance record by being there for the Sep 2011 event. Looking forward to lunch on Thursday!


  2. Kelly Babbit:

    Peter, it was a good conference from our perspective. Being new to the UK it is a great place to jump right in. We had some great discussions and in our mind it was better than the last 2 day event. It also had a better balance of private sector businesses.

  3. Eugene McElhatton:

    Hi Peter

    Procurra presented to almost 100 delegates and we definitely find the presentation sessions a valuable feature of eWorld. We’ve had 16 emails from delegates since eWorld, so fingers crossed we can turn that interest into business. We look forward to the feedback from delegates as that will influence what we decide to do for the September 2011 event.

  4. MarketDojo:

    Hi Peter,

    From our side it was a great day, really fun putting the faces to the names, such as yourself! We certainly felt that there were a lot of very interested people attending who actually came along almost with a shopping list of things they wanted, which was very surprising and at the same time excellent, as you could have very professional conversations.

    We are also pleased to announce the winner of our free e-auction was the Alzheimer’s Society; a very worthy cause indeed.

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