eWorld – Coming Soon: Are You Future Fit?

It seems barely a few weeks since we were last at eWorld Procurement and Supply, but here we are again with only 6 weeks to go to the first big international procurement event of the year. eWorld returns to the QEII centre in Westminster on February 28th, and although this bi-annual event comes round quickly, there is no shortage of highlights for us to feature.

It kicks off with a keynote from Roger Davies, Group Head of Procurement at Marks and Spencer. Roger will be talking about next generation procurement, and whether we are fit for the 21st century. He will examine whether traditional cost-saving and efficiency objectives are becoming “out-dated and too one-dimensional,” and that instead purchasing professionals should now focus on supply chain security, asset protection, resource scarcity, modern-day slavery, talent management, visibility, measurability and tighter corporate governance. There will be lots there to keep us interested and to report on after the event.

As well as hearing from some of the very knowledgeable, usual procurement suspects (Wax Digital, Proactis, Market Dojo and more), there will be the fascinating Christopher Barratt, who will be well known to eWorld regulars. He is another excellent speaker, and well worth listening to if you haven’t come across him before – he is a real expert in the field of behaviour, training and coaching and his sessions are usually lively and engaging. All with a procurement flavour of course.

Then there will be the big name speakers, like McLaren -- interested to hear what Jamie Foster, Group Procurement Director, has to say about his experience of building a procurement team, changing their focus, creating a new product introduction management process, KPIs, and adding value not complexity and his 100 Day Plan! And the Fit for Business workshops should get down to some nitty gritty procurement issues, taking us through the societal, economic and environmental issues that face companies today and what some leading brands are doing to anticipate and address the changes that are coming.

Then there’s the good old Brexit issue – but we are looking forward to the slant on it from Edbury Daley – they are deep experts in procurement talent management, so it will be good to hear from them about the impact they believe Brexit will have on the UK talent pool, the skills required as we go forward and how other firms are shaping their recruitment requirements to face the change.

And a newcomer to the eWorld speaking circuit this year is Coact Consulting Group, who offer advisory services to help companies gain commercial growth by identifying and helping to solve barriers and enabling strategic partnerships. They are experts in how to overcome infrastructure, management and strategic constraints and have deep knowledge of digital transformation and governance. We have met the Director, Bastiaan van Drempt, on a couple of occasions, and it’s good to see someone so entirely passionate about this subject. Bastiaan is ex- Goldman Sachs and has extensive experience of development and delivery of large-scale business transformation projects. So this is one not to miss given the digital transformation landscape we all find ourselves in – and we hope to catch up with him after his session too for some further insight.

This is jut a taste of some of the sessions on offer, but suffice to say eWorld should definitely be on your radar as one of the most rewarding events for procurement professionals in the new year – some great speakers and a good variety of topical content. And, not only is it free to attend, we mustn’t forget this is an ideal opportunity to talk to the firms who are exhibiting. They are there to share their expertise and are happy to chat – no strings! They’ll be delighted to tell you what their competitive advantage is and share how they think their product or service can really help your organisation. So do take some time to ask them a few questions – you never know what you might find out!

Hope to see you there – but don’t forget to register here – it’s getting close.

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