eWorld eProcurement event coming to London next week

The eWorld Purchasing & Supply conference and exhibition take place in Westminster, London at the QEII Conference centre next week on March 5th.

It’s not the most glamorous conference type event in our calendar, and I must say the venue doesn’t do a lot for me.  There’s also an issue in that there are four or five presentations going on simultaneously, at some stages of the day, so it’s really hard to know which to attend – do I listen to Capita, SynerTrade,  Due North, Spendvision  or GXS between 10.20 and 10.50? Are any of them going to say something really interesting or novel?  Any of them got some good jokes? Presenters with the charisma of a Clooney or Jolie?

But despite these drawbacks, as a way of getting round and seeing a lot of credible procurement and supply chain technology firms in a short space of time, it is probably unparalleled in Europe. This year there are over 30 firms, mainly software with a few solutions and outsourcing types thrown in.

That ranges from the well known like Ariba, Oracle, Xchanging and GXS, through growing firms such as Wax Digital and Iasta, to non-UK firms looking to make an impact like Onventis, apsolut and Gatewit, and a few I’ve never heard of but look forward to meeting.

The many presentations, mainly from sponsors and exhibitors, are inevitably of variable quality. Remko van Hoek, global procurement director at PwC is giving the keynote speech – it is of course EU law that he fulfils that task (does anyone in the procurement world do more keynotes than Remko?) But he’s always interesting in my experience. There’s also a chance to see and hear a lot from Proactis, who as Platinum sponsors get a fair bit of airtime.

I do enjoy the event primarily as a chance to catch up with suppliers who you don’t see around every day. One of our sponsors, Gatewit, are going to be there – they’re clear market leaders in eProcurement within Portugal, which has actually been one of Europe’s leading countries for public sector use of eProcurement in particularly.

Luis Matos from the firm is presenting at 12.45 – 1.15 pm.  He tells me he will be talking about “How to improve the relationship with your suppliers and gain considerable savings".  That’s a challenging balance to achieve as we all know, but he says he’s looking at “how to be a demanding customer without penalizing the relationship” which sounds interesting. So you might want to look in on that session – I’ll be there!

I’d suggest the event is well worth a day of your time if you’re not too far from London and interested in procurement technology to any extent, whatever sector / industry you’re in. But the best thing of all is the event its FREE to “senior decision-makers from the commercial, public and third sectors with responsibility for implementing web-enabled procurement & supply chain strategies”. Register here…

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  1. Market Dojo e-Sourcing:

    See you there as well. Please do pop by and say hello, got quite a few new things to show you, plus some very exciting developments in the pipeline which you wouldn’t have seen anywhere else!!

  2. Planbee:

    See you there!

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