eWorld Procurement and Supply – Only a Month Away!

We are only a month away from the “autumn” eWorld Procurement and Supply event at the QE2 Conference Centre, Westminster. The one-day event on September 22nd features a programme of keynotes, workshops and presentations, plus an exhibition area that has strong representation from the procurement solution provider industry.

As there are often 3 workshops and presentations running in parallel, we suggested previously that anything more to help delegates choose in advance which sessions to attend would be useful. And now you can watch short videos of a few of those speakers, which might help you decide how to spend your time. Take a look at a few submitted so far here. It would be good to see some more, so come on speakers and sponsors, give us some more videos!

From the delegate perspective, it is worth doing a bit of advance thinking about what you want to see, or you will end up trying to decide at the last minute and in parallel desperately trying to find the right room in the maze that is the QE2 Centre! Speakers include Chris Sawchuk from the Hackett Group, Lisa Malone from Procurious, the excellent Christopher Barrat, Maria Beattie from Network Rail and many, many more – including our regular correspondent Stephen Ashcroft.

So do your research; similarly, consider which providers you might want to talk to in the exhibition. It’s probably the most concentrated group of procurement tech suppliers you will find anywhere, so it’s worth taking that opportunity to spend a few minutes with those who are interesting to you – and maybe just to catch up with folk you know already. Lots of the regulars will be there (Market Dojo, Wax Digital, Proactis, Ariba ...), and some new names to us. We’ll be hoping to have a chat with some we don’t know, such as Turnstone and Causeway.

There are also celebrations given this is, amazingly, the 30th eWorld event– including bringing back the eWorld quiz which will take place at the end of the day, with champagne and prizes to be won. The organisers will also be holding a focus group (in partnership with a research company) to gain input from a selection of eWorld delegates on the event moving forward.

There are more details here, and remember – eWorld is free to procurement practitioners. See you there.

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  1. Lydia Ginsbury:

    Thanks Peter, we look forward to seeing you on 22nd September.

  2. Matthieu Baril:

    Thank you Peter for the mention, we’re looking forward to meeting you at eWorld, this will be Causeway’s first appearance there. We’ll be running a breakout session on the benefits of an integrated Source-to-Pay solution, delivered by our very own Andrew Woolstone. More details on our session can be found here: http://goo.gl/XkW3Eh

  3. Nick @ Market Dojo:

    Thanks Peter. We shall be there as ever and this year we have a whole new product to unveil so please do stop by. We’re also running a ‘lowest unique bid’ competition where people can submit a bid in our auction and the lowest unique offer wins an iPad and a month of our software. Anyone interested should take a look how to enter below, including yourself Peter!


    1. Nick @ Market Dojo:

      One small note Peter: the link above for ” Take a look at a few submitted so far here.” seems to go to Mozilla Support page! (thanks Nick – sorted!)

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