eWorld round up – procurement technology firms take centre stage

Doesn't time fly - two weeks since the eWorld conference / exhibition already! We'll be reporting at more length on some of the other participants from the event, including Proactis and Wax Digital in the near future; but for now, here's some brief comments on other firms I spoke to at the event.

It was interesting to see Due North (sourcing), EGS (P2P) and Atamis (Spend Analytics) teaming up to offer a ' full service' procurement technology offering. Is that a sign that smaller players are finding that more customers are looking for a joined up solution? I plan to talk to these firms again soon; Due North are Newcastle based, and the guy I spoke to from that firm was brought up 400 yards away from my childhood home in Houghton-le-Spring! (Quite a few years after me I should say).

Market Dojo (crazy name guys!) are a young firm offering e-auction software and services.  I'll also take a look at their product soon; they have bags of enthusiasm which goes a long way for a start-up firm, and I like their new blog. This post about why you should consider using a start-up firm is very readable and makes some good points.

Mercato are carving out an interesting and pretty unusual niche. They have other products and services, but I was interested in ITelligence, which gives detailed data about IT market and manufacturer pricing. As they say;

It lowers buy costs by allowing IT budget holders to access up-to-date prices across 500,000 plus ICT hardware, software, peripherals and consumables in the UK trade channel, enabling organisations - for the first time - to identify their supplier’s actual cost prices and what margins they are achieving - rather than necessarily what they report.

Why is this interesting? Because so many organisations frankly don't have much idea of what they should be paying for IT kit. Many have a deal - perhaps on a cost plus basis - with a reseller; a deal that relies on the reseller accurately and honestly passing on correct pricing from the supply chain. Let's just say that doesn't always happen! So providing this intelligence, at a pretty low annual fee, is a service that could offer a very good and easily achievable payback for  many organisations.

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  1. Gary Stevenson:

    Definitely agree that Cloud-based eProcurement and eTendering is lowering the cost-of-entry and giving more organisations the chance to automate and manage their procurement. We’ve invested significantly in the usability and flexibility of our system so that you don’t even have to be a procurement professional to run an efficient and effective process. This area is only going to get more interesting!

  2. MarketDojo:

    Thanks Peter! Crazy name indeed, yet one I hope will stick in people’s minds (for all the right reasons!). If you are ever curious as to find out why we picked that name, feel free to consult our FAQ, 9th question down: http://www.marketdojo.com/faq

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