Ex-CPO Jill Bossi is running for US Senate, building procurement capability, and country music

Here are some of this week's highlights from our US sister site, Spend Matters.

The U.S. public sector’s not especially known for cutting-edge procurement practices (you may have heard of this organization called NASA). So when we heard that Jill Bossi, the former Chief Procurement Officer at the American Red Cross, is running for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina, an interview was in order.

Now, Jill is running neither as a Democrat nor as a Republican, opting instead to represent a new centrist party called The American Party. Read the three-part interview, in which Jill speaks about topics ranging from her decision to run for office to similarities between leading government and leading procurement to ethics and diversity:

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The country singer Justin Adams happens to be a college friend of MetalMiner’s Brianna Tonner. Here is Justin performing “Slow” in Nashville.

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