Exciting News — Our Public Sector Europe Site Rebrands as Part of a Global Public Procurement Vision

It's an exciting day for our public sector procurement site: Public Spend Matters Europe as was, becomes Public Spend Forum Europe. Check us out here. Ok, so not a great deal looks to have changed -- yet! Apart from the obvious title change of course.

So what's in a name? And why are we so excited about it? Well, Public Spend Forum (PSF) based in the US, was founded in 2013 by Raj Sharma, an entrepreneur (and I would say philanthropist) with a genuine care for open, transparent, joined-up and innovative public procurement. He has founded his own successful consultancy and plays an important role in many not-for-profit ventures. The 'Forum' encourages much more two-way public procurement interaction. But you will hear more about Raj in the coming weeks over on our public sector website. Now, he has a wider vision -- to apply PSF's goals globally:

"... the fact is, the public sector market may be one of the most closed markets in the world, with significant barriers to entry and massive knowledge and information asymmetries. Insufficient information on what government customers need, or a lack of knowledge of supplier capabilities, can lead to ineffective and costly relationships for both government and suppliers. Add to that a costly process and an environment where avoiding failure at ANY cost is better than smart risk-taking, we are stuck in a cycle of never-ending reforms. Our goal is to drive a long-term sustainable change ...  to create an open, efficient and innovation-driven public sector market, so we can help government and suppliers better work together to solve problems and use our taxpayer money in the best manner possible," ...

... and we are part of that vision, the European arm of Public Spend Forum, and we can't wait to get started on helping to achieve that mission.

We will be featuring more good practice articles, with sound advice from experts, both from within and without the organisation; we will be conducting more interviews to get you first-hand experience and lessons learned; we will still be looking at regulations and how they affect you; we will still have thought-leadership on topical events -- and thus we will be adding to the UK-centered public sector news, advice and commentary you currently enjoy here on Spend Matters UK/Europe - none of that will change.

You can read our fuller announcement over on Public Spend Forum Europe, and of course, we will be looking for continued support from our readers and more involvement in the issues we will be looking at -- guest opinions and experiences will be welcomed, comments and participation in surveys, interviews, events. Look out public procurers and suppliers -- this is for you.

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