Exclusive! BravoSolution and Emptoris win big UK Government contracts

We hear that Government Procurement Service has awarded contracts for Spend Analytics and Sourcing technology.

The Spend Analytics contract will be used to develop a "data warehouse" across central Government, pulling together spend data and enabling Cabinet Office to get that full picture of external spend that has proved so elusive. That contract has been awarded to BravoSolution.

The Sourcing contract covers all procurement carried out by Government Procurement Service itself - I'm not clear exactly how it will be mandated (or not) more widely. That has gone to Emptoris.

Secretly (don't tell anyone), here at Spend Matters Towers we're pleased and relieved - both firms are obviously sponsors and are generally nice people. So we're glad they both have a win to feel good about. We are a little surprised however; I thought there might be good reasons for a single firm to win, both economically and to enable easier data integration perhaps further down the road. I guess the thinking is that the data warehouse is by definition going to be a separate entity to anything else as it will have to pick up data from a range of other systems across Government  - so integration may not be particularly relevant.

Anyway, well done to both those firms and good luck to them and Government Procurement Service in implementing the new contracts, and driving the benefits from them - this is a pretty important component in the overall GPS delivery and savings plan.

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