Exclusive! Coupa gear up to take on Europe with “unique” eProcurement platform

We’ve covered Coupa previously (remember the appalling puns in our "comments" section) and Jason Busch has featured them more thoroughly – you can read examples here and here.

But we’ve had news of a major step for the firm as they’ve made their first major hire in Europe, recruiting Alex Kleiner to be their new VP Sales for Europe.

Alex Kleiner

Kleiner is a fascinating guy- at first sight, every inch your American East Coast preppie businessman, but has actually lived in the UK since 2002 and loves it – “I came for 6 months and I’m still here” as he says. And (yes, you might have guessed it), he’s another serious music fan, to be found this summer at both Hop Farm and Latitude festivals with his family.

He also has a very impressive business background, as one of the founders of Frictionless in 1998, an innovative eSourcing software and services firm who were bought out by SAP in 2006, and provided SAP with much of their sourcing capability. He stayed with SAP for a while, then worked for Hubwoo (who we’ve featured here) for some years before taking on this new challenge.

Back to Jason -  "to say that Coupa's approach -- and newest release -- to Spend Management is simply unique in the market because of its ease of use and commendable UI does not do it justice".

Their product is intuitive, easy to use, and can be rapidly deployed. It is all “cloud” based, and draws heavily on learning from the consumer market (‘one-click’ thinking for instance). At first sight, the Coupa software is so user-friendly it will probably draw hysterical laughter from anyone who has gone through a 2-year, painful eProcurement implementation! And it covers T&E / T&S processes as well as procurement.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity here” Kleiner told me. “Across the board, the pace of Coupa is unmatched – from ROI payback periods, to the really rapid project implementation schedules, to the customer and operations growth rates”.

We’ll be looking at the product in more detail shortly, and discussing their plans for Europe, but congratulations on what looks like a very interesting and good move for both Coupa and Kleiner.

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