Exclusive! We reveal the mystery of Hellios, new players on the Supplier Information Management scene

If you Google Hellios, you get a number of interesting results. Quite possibly top of the list, you will get some Star Wars geek trivia,

“The Hellios system was in Tapani Sector's Barnaba Province, between Garobi and Mrlsst. House Barnaba had holdings on the planet during the Galactic Empire's reign”.

No, me neither.  No idea. Or you might get Villa Hellios in Elounda, Crete, which look rather gorgeous actually.  And there is an IT services firm in Angers, France – another very pleasant place.

But you might also notice this website,  where a company called Hellios claims to be about “sustainable procurement communities”.

“Supplier information is one of the basic requirements of high quality procurement and yet is surprisingly difficult to create, verify and maintain”, it says.

We wouldn’t argue with that. It goes on to describe, perceptively, the benefits of good supplier information management (SIM), and presents the Hellios services.

“Hellios is a company that specialises in creating and maintaining supplier data globally. Our service is available through world class specialist software already used to credential more than 400,000 suppliers to some of the world’s most respected companies.

Hellios will reduce risk in the supply chain giving you reports on everything from financial solidity to corporate responsibility.

Hellios has particular expertise in areas from local content development to corporate responsibility compliance and dealing with the FCPA and Bribery Act”.

So who or what is Hellios – and where have they come from, particularly given this claim about software already used to “credential” 400,000 suppliers? That sounds a lot for what looks suspiciously like the site of a start-up firm?

Well, today, Spend Matters can exclusively reveal that the man behind Hellios is none other than Colin Maund, known to many as the driving force, ex Chief Executive and Chairman of Achilles. Hellios is Maund’s new brainchild, and along with a couple of other equity partners, he is the owner of the new firm, and very much the day to day leader.

We’ve featured Achilles extensively of course. A genuinely market-leading firm in the Supplier Information Management sector, it’s still not common knowledge perhaps just how successful a business it  is. With offices in 23 countries, over 800 staff, and revenues of around $100M (we believe), they are one of the biggest procurement and supply chain related “solutions” business in Europe in any sector, and significant even on a global scale. Maund played a huge role in building that business, from which he stood down in mid 2012, having moved over the last few years from being CEO, to Chairman and then non-Executive Chairman.

What makes the Hellios initiative even more fascinating is that Maund is still a major shareholder in Achilles. So given that description of the Hellios services, it certainly looks like they will be competing with Achilles in some sense.  I feel a three-part made-for-TV mini-series coming on here – all very dramatic!

Stay tuned for part 2 when we look at how Hellios is planning to execute and how they can substantiate that 400,000 suppliers claim.

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