Exclusive! Lee Tribe says ‘ello, ello, ello’, to his new job….

Our reporter with his ear pressed up against the Whitehall partition wall ( a painful place to be at the best of times) has discovered that Lee Tribe, Commercial Strategy and Development Director at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has resigned to take up the post of  Director of Procurement Services at the Metropolitan Police next month.

He's been at DWP for about 4 years after a career at Barclays, and I think it is a great move for him and the Met.  He would have been a favourite for the top CPO job at DWP as and when it came up .... but you never know, and the Met is a huge and very interesting job in itself.  I think Lee's style - highly personable, with a keen brain working behind a no-nonsense exterior - will go down well with the Police.  And I know his last two bosses rate him very highly for his ability to 'do' both strategy and delivery.

He'll face a few challenges though with the pressure on costs likely to be at least as great in the new job as in DWP, and the whole procurement collaboration / centralisation debate rumbling on around the Police Service.  The Met is so much bigger than any other force - a factor of 5 bigger than the next, and 10 times as big as most - that they have tended to stand a little aloof at times from the wider police procurement activity.  I think Lee's instinct will be to change that, and with his personality and experience he is well equipped to bring his colleagues in the Met and the wider police procurement community on board with whatever approach he chooses.

Congratulations and good luck anyway Lee!

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  1. martin webb:

    Agree with all that Peter says about Lee and his qualities – in addition to all of this, I think two other factors, namely his ability to deal with everyone, regardless of role and ego, and his 100% commitment to getting out and talking/seeing what is really happening, will ensure his success in the new role.
    Besides all this, his good looks will ensure that luck doesn’t come into it!

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