Exclusive! Lloyds CPO leaves the country!

Caroline Booth, one of the top CPOs in the UK, is emigrating to Canada (with her other half)  to become Chief Procurement Officer for Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group (TDBFG), which is, in her words, "an exciting organisation which has a strong culture and great people".

She has been with Lloyds for over four years – initially as Group Procurement Director for Lloyds TSB and then for Lloyds Banking Group when Lloyds TSB acquired HBOS in January 2009.  I asked her what she is most proud of during that time?

"I think I helped to  move the function from one that was seen as fairly tactical to one that delivered competitive advantage to the organisation – for instance, procurement was publicly recognised as a key lever to deliver value in the prospectus for the acquisition (2008) and more recently in the 2009 annual report. It wasn’t just about cost reduction either – but better specifications, service and quality from great suppliers".

I've seen some of the work she has done at Lloyds and it really was first class - innovative but very grounded in a common-sense view of what would really deliver value to the business.  And Caroline is personally one of those people who just has the air of someone who is very comfortable and credible working at Board level; something not every CPO has by any means in my experience.

Anyway, TDBFG are getting a top-class CPO, we wish her luck, and will follow her progress with interest.

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