Exclusive – New BravoAdvantage Platform Announced – and a Surprise Move into Source-to-Pay for the Firm

At the Bravo Connect event this morning, CEO Jim Wetekamp took us through the new BravoAdvantage platform, which comes with a whole range of enhancements to current products. Indeed, it takes a new approach (for BravoSolution at least), putting what it calls "Supplier Value Management" at the heart of the various platform capabilities. SVM gives a single view of the supplier, including risk aspects, spend data, current projects, contract and performance management metrics ... more on this next week anyway.

But perhaps the news that really got people's attention was that BravoSolution is moving into the source-to-pay space. Yes, after years of arguing - with some validity - that there was no need to have a single supplier for both the transactional procurement (ordering, payment, etc) and the strategic sourcing (analytics, sourcing, contract management) elements, the firm has decided that the time is right to change its strategy. So Wetekamp talked about requisitioning, catalogue management and invoicing as the three new elements, which will be included in the next release of the BravoAdvantage platform later this year.

But BravoSolution is not building this capability internally. Rather, it will be developed (within the BravoSolution platform) by Verian, a firm Spend Matters rates highly for its technology, the US-based P2P software provider, selected by BravoSolution based on its capabilities in that field. That seems like a sensible approach, although the proof will be in the delivery of the pudding of course.

BravoSolution is keeping this pretty low key at the moment - as Wetekamp told us, "we haven't actually launched this yet, so there's no press release or big campaign." But it is significant news for customers, prospective customers, competitors and indeed Bravo Solution's solution provider partners in different regions. "We will continue working with partners" was Wetekamp's message, but obviously Basware for instance will need to consider its next step. That Finnish firm, noted mainly for its eInvoicing capability, and which bought Procserve recently in the UK, has been partnering with BravoSolution to offer the P2P element of the proposition when customers wanted both that and strategic sourcing capability.

We'll have more on this next week, and we will take a closer look at the announcements about the new BravoAdvantage platform generally as well.

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