Exclusive (outside Australia) – Craig Lardner to be the next CIPS President

For somewhat obscure reasons, it appears that Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply members in Australia (but not those elsewhere) have been informed that next year’s CIPS President will be Craig Lardner. He will take over from Paula Gildert in November.

Lardner is a Fellow, a current member of the CIPS Congress and is also acting CEO of CIPS Australia since the departure earlier this year of Jonathan Dutton. He worked for many years with BOC, the industrial gases giant, becoming their CPO and was based for ten years in the UK in that role.

After the BOC merger with Linde in 2006, he went back to Australia and was CPO for George Weston Foods, before taking up a portfolio career a couple of years ago. He’s been advising the Australian public sector and private sector firms, as well as lecturing, coaching and mentoring.

I’ve known him for around 12 years and it strikes me as a brilliant choice for CIPS. The first Australian President, and the second non-Brit (after Bola Afolabi), but one with truly global experience.

He’s credible at Board level as a business person first and foremost, but is a genuine practitioner, and also a serious and innovative thinker about the profession. He supported both CIPS and university level procurement education actively at BOC and since, and I remember hearing him talking about concepts such as sustainability and supplier relationship management well before they became common currency.

He’s a very good speaker, a big sports fan, with a typically Australian sense of humour (but I think he knows when not to tell certain jokes...), and he’ll go down well at the big set-piece events. We wish him every success and congratulations to him - and the CIPS appointments board for a great decision.

And finally, in a special exclusive, I have it on good authority that his Presidential Theme for 2103/14 will be “Can procurement help Australia start winning at sport again”?

Good luck with that one, Craig!

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First Voice

  1. Craig Lardner:

    Stimulated by your last line in the article Mr Smith I refer you to the one day series results that emerged yesterday….The Aussies clever plan to lull the English cricket team into a false sense of secuirty after he last ashes series, in advance of the next series down-under, is clearly well underway.



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