Exclusive! Spend Matters sheds some light (or maybe not) on MOD lightbulb procurement and the BBC

We featured the Sun and their MOD light bulb story earlier; and then an MoD statement to the BBC asserted that they really were jolly expensive lightbulbs that were only used in very small quantities. (We had some great comments on our original post by the way!)

So I phoned the MoD press office to ask if Liam Fox was going to apologise for criticising his own procurement people unfairly. But I didn't get that far.

"So these are really super-expensive light bulbs?" I asked.


"What? But the BBC report states that MoD says they were".

"That was incorrect. We're back to the original story".

" So they were just ordinary 65p lightbulbs"?

"We're looking into it.  But we're back on the original story".

So... as we stand, Liam Fox doesn't owe anyone an apology, someone at MoD is getting a good kicking for feeding the BBC a dodgy excuse, the story has gone from their website, we've learnt that you can't always trust a BBC report, and MoD procurement are grossly over-paying for some light bulbs. Or maybe they're not... who knows? Certainly not MOD or apparently the BBC.

Pretty damn exciting for a Friday afternoon!

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  1. John Viner-Smith:

    I’ve got some mothballs they can have for £300 a box. Handy for storing the Eurofighters they’re planning on scrapping


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