Exclusive – top Government procurement executive in tragic sporting accident!

Now this really is a Procurement Excellence exclusive!  This is a slightly edited version of a communication that appeared on the OGC Intranet a couple of weeks ago...reproduced here by permission....

The sporting hero in question here is Nigel Smith, Chief Exec of the Office of Government Commerce (in case you haven't worked that out!)

If you can meet with triumph and disaster

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, four cans of lager in the car boot and, if I say it myself, I was looking snappy in my OGC Champions Tee Shirt. I  daydreamed of sporting legends with the name of Nigel – actually I could think of only one – Nigel Smith the 1991 English Bowls Champion. But no matter, by the end of the day there would be another Nigel in the sporting lexicon of history.

Anyway, on I rushed to my date with destiny and the 10.15 Rounders tie.  Subsequent events have made my memory a little fuzzy but I do remember I scored a magnificent one and a half rounders... oh and they scored five and a half with a team straight out of major league baseball.  Walking back to the Pavilion, I noticed an ambulance heading to the football pitches and remember thinking some sad old over-30 must have been trying to regain his youth – but more of that later.

In need of a rest and a lager, I sat down in Catherine's Rubics Cube – actually I nearly missed it as it had ERG plastered all over it (Comms – never stop spinning).  Happily minding my own business, I was approached by Anan from Ofsted ... would I help out and join their Quick Cricket Team? Yes, I said. It was to transpire that I had joined the champions from last year and they took it very, very seriously.

I was given copious instructions, much the same as an adult might give a two year old, but I was biding my time – they would soon find out the Nigel "Freddie" Smith had played a bit in his youth. We fielded first and all was going well. Akram and Muralitharan on our team seem to have played this game before. Then they told me I had to bowl an over. I explained that I don't bowl. They explained I had to but could use underarm. UNDERARM???!!! That's for girls.  I shouldn't have worried, as 6 balls and 3 wickets later I received the rightful plaudits and apologies for doubting me that I deserved.

And so to my demise. Not my greatest triumph – one hit wicket, one bowled but on the fourth ball I hit a cracker and off I went running. Jack, my fellow batter is 25, very fit and had no problems running 5 runs. Me, on the other hand ... I was struggling to stop him overtaking. I looked down the wicket as the ball came in .... you're never going to make it Nigel ... OH YES I AM!! I dived full-length for the crease .....

The umpire said IN but what was that sound I heard as I hit the ground?

St. John's Ambulance services were very good but wouldn't ring for an ambulance as there had already been a call-out, so a very kind man from TSOL took me to hospital. To cut a very long story short – X rays – painkillers – much sucking of teeth and shaking of heads – I am to see a consultant on Friday to decide if an operation is in order.

Many thanks to everyone for the kind and not so kind messages.

Did we win the tug of war???


Nigel suffered a broken collar bone in this tragic cricket accident but seemed in very good form when I saw him a few days ago – (must be the painkillers, my wife said!)  We wish him well for a speedy recovery and his trials for the Ashes....just stay on your feet Nigel, stay on your feet...

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