Exclusive (well, sort of…) – Shock as new CIPS President Announced!

The new CIPS Board appointments for next year (from November 1st) have been announced (you need to link  from this page) and it is the most interesting set of appointments for many years.  It's not really an exclusive as this is on the CIPS website, but it's not exactly in a prominent position so I doubt many people have seen it.

Silla Maizey, who as Vice President this year would normally have stepped up to President has not done so.  She moved out of procurement around 2 years ago into a top Customer Service role with BA, and I understand she felt the time commitments of a Board-level day job at BA were a bit too much to combine with the CIPS Presidency.  Understandable and a sensible decision I think.  But Silla stays on the Board.

That means Peter Rushton, this year's Chairman of the Board, steps directly up to President, bypassing that rather dull Vice-Presidential year!  David is a through and through procurement professional, a good guy and will do a great job.   The next shock is the return of David Smith of DWP to the Vice Presidential role.  David did his three years on the Board until I think 2 years ago, but is not a current member.  Is this the most dramatic comeback since Johnny Cash?  Congratulations to David who, assuming he steps up to the post next year, will bring his own inimitable style and charisma to the role of el Presidente.

Paula Gildert of AstraZeneca Novartis becomes Chairman (from Vice Chair this year), and Karen Van Vuuren comes straight onto the Board in the Vice-Chairman role.  It is very unusual for anyone to come straight into an 'Officer' position and I don't know Karen.  Her cv is most impressive though, as general manager, group supply management at Transnet, and she's been President of the Institute of Purchasing and Supply of South Africa (IPSA).   So this looks like a pretty inspired move given the increasing international focus of CIPS.

The newly appointed Board members are John Collington, Melinda Johnson and Saeed Mohammed.  Melinda was elected from Council, a sign of her popularity and capability.  She has been one of the stars of public procurement for me over the last few years in her role promoting procurement in the Further Education sector,while John as Home Office Commercial Director has been high-profile and successful in one of Government's key procurement roles.  Finally, Saeed Mohammed is senior vice president for procurement & logistics for Emirates Airlines; I don't know him but another strong appointment by the look of it, again supporting CIPS' increasing internationalism.

I'm not afraid to criticise CIPS (that is one of the traditional roles of a past-President...) but this is an outstanding set of appointments in my opinion.  The mysterious CIPS Appointments Board and their shadowy leader,  Ron Jarman, should give themselves a big pat on the back.

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  1. enjoying thinking of myself as a shadowy leader:

    Peter, we were given a clear remit to increase the International and Public Sector representation on CIPS Board of Management, I am glad you agree that it’s a very strong set of appointments. I’d go further and say that this is a real indicator of the strength of our profession at the moment – not just the appointees but the rest of the candidates we looked at, show that there is a lot of great talent in senior positions across sectors/geographies. Got to go now – I have a cunning plan to turn all the world’s gold reserves radioactive so tripling the value of my fillings, just need to find that damm cat first!

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