Experiments in Abu Dhabi and “Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation” Webinar

Abu Dhabi team in hotel 200Thanks to everyone who came along to our two Real World Procurement sessions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last week with Tejari. We had two new venues, both pretty spectacular.  Whatever you might think about the Emirates, they certainly know how to build and run up-market hotels (see picture).

Some of the Tejari folk were complaining about "the cold" - the temperature had been only around 20C the prior weekend, poor things! It was up in the very pleasant mid-twenties by the time the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions came around anyway.

The session in Dubai was the same topic we did in London a couple of weeks ago with BravoSolution, titled Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation. That looked at supplier lifecycle management and competitive advantage as the driver for all our supplier management activities.You can now download the slides from the session too - follow the link here.

If you didn’t make it to London or the Emirates, then we've got a webinar on that topic coming too this week - on Wednesday March 9th, at 10am UK time then again at 4pm UK, which is 11am on the US East Coast. (Register free via that link). I’ll speak for around 20/25 minutes to give you the key points from the live Real World Procurement session, and then there will be the chance to ask questions too. We hope to see (hear?) lots of our readers on the call ...

Back to Abu Dhabi, and the session there was New Approaches to Negotiation, a topic we ran last year in London and Dubai. I must admit, it is probably my favourite of all the sessions we've run, partly because I get to do psychological experiments on the delegates! All painless of course... and I confess not all of them worked. My attempts at Priming our delegates don't seem to be very successful, it didn’t work last time either, although they were very good at guessing my age! Derren Brown has no reasons to fear competition from me, that’s clear.

The session looks at the work of Dr Daniel Kahneman and other behavioural psychologists who have revolutionised the world of economics. Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for economics for showing that people did not behave logically, an assumption that underpinned much economic thinking and modelling. And some of that work has implications for negotiation approaches and how we behave in negotiation situations. So the experiments show how we can be affected by Priming, Anchoring, and attitudes to risk - it is fascinating stuff, interesting but also with real applications for anyone who is engaged in serious negotiations.

If you want to read more, we strongly recommend you read the Kahneman book, Thinking Fast and Slow. Then you can also take a look at the paper we published after the UK session last year – download that here, free of charge.

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