Exploring the VMS of the Future and other updates from Spend Matters US

Let's see: I spent the early part of the week trying to reacclimatize to normal life after spending four days at rowing camp where the routine was pretty much eat, row, eat, row, sleep, repeat. Our other team members aren't sporting the stunning tan lines that I am, but they've certainly been busy:

Jason Busch attended Beeline's customer conference, and quite a lot of opinion came out from it:

Tungsten's completed acquisition of FIBI bank made the mainstream news, with the Financial Times reporting: "Tungsten Bank sets its sights on providing small business finance."

Looking to get the most out of your procurement analytics process? We've got a free download you should read.

Speaking of free downloads, Pierre Mitchell has just completed a fantastic  two-part paper series called Putting the "Supply" in Supplier Networks. We highly suggest that you download them both:

Happy reading, and have a lovely weekend!

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