Fabrice Saporito Launches SpendLead – Helping Buyers and Sellers “Find and Be Found”

One question we keep being asked is “whatever happened to Fabrice Saporito, that nice chap who used to be CEO of Sievo, the software firm whose product was really rather good at tracking procurement savings”?

It was last June that we announced he was leaving Sievo, after some four years with the firm during which time it grew substantially. We really enjoyed working with him – he’s one of those annoying people who was (and is) really smart, business school, worked in finance, with IBM, Bain and BCG prior to Sievo, athletic, charming – but was also far too likeable to resent him for that!

But he didn’t disappear from our radar for long, and that question about what he is up to has now been answered. He has re-emerged as an entrepreneur in our sector (broadly speaking) as the founder and Chief Executive of SpendLead, a new company whose mission is to make it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other and discover if they have anything of interest in terms of working together.

As his LinkedIn profile says, he is “Pursuing the mission to build the most transparent B2B engagement platform making purchasing research more efficient and marketing more effective”.

As you will see from the logo over to the right of this article, we are going to be working with him as SpendLead develops, and we will tell you more about the product (and our relationship with the firm) in our next post on the subject very shortly. Basically, it is a platform to enable buyers to receive relevant information – just in brief summary form, not loads of marketing “bumf” - about the spend areas (categories) they are interested in, from suppliers who have something to offer in that category.

But even before we get into more detailed explanations, you can go to the SpendLead site and take a look, and sign up to give it a try – it is absolutely free for buyers to use. So more from us soon, but do take a look at the website for yourself.

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