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I have mentioned Fieldglass a couple of times on our previous Procurement Excellence blog (and Jason has featured them extensively) but I caught up recently for a telephone chat with Arun Srinivasan, their Marketing VP.

Fieldglass provide VMS software and related services, designed to help clients manage procurement of contingent (interim) labour, and increasingly 'statement of works' activities, consulting and project based services.  As well as software to manage contracting and contract management, they can help clients benchmark services and costs across key vendors and markets.  They have been focused largely on the US market but are now making stronger moves into Europe, initially through US multinational clients with a major European presence, such as Johnson and Johnson.  But now, with a team in place this side of the Atlantic, they are starting to win business with European-based organisations ranging from London Borough councils to Siemens.

"Professional services is one of the last bastions of user control" says Arun.  "Managers use the excuse that it is all about top-line contribution in order to keep procurement out of the picture".    Very true - yet the benefits of getting to grips with this sort of category are often significant. But the procurement function needs visibility of spend and good MI in order to be successful.

It's interesting that Fieldglass solutions also support the recruitment process for permanent staff. Does this back up our emerging theory that the boundaries between procurement and HR are coming down as organisations mix permanent and contingent workforces more often and closely - and indeed, that perhaps the two disciplines have more in common than we think?

Anyway, not every organisation has a need for specialised technology or support in services procurement.  But if you are a major user of contingent labour or project based services, and procurement hasn't got to grips with these categories as yet, it may be a good time to look at what firms like Fieldglass, IQ Navigator and Emptoris have to offer in the field (and we'll be featuring both IQ Navigator and Emptoris here shortly as well).

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  1. Gurjeet Tuteja:

    Peter, You have made an interesting point about convergence between procurement and HR. I have observed that in fact almost all the leading HR ERP’s comes up with a ‘Time & Labor’ module where functionality around people acquisition, evaluation, on-boarding and payroll (may be .. collaboration/evaluation is not very strong ) is pretty standard and matured. In that case isn’t there a direct conflict between VMS and HR ERP solution in the long run? especially when organizations are trying hard to rationalize their technology backbone. Any thoughts/insights would be helpful!

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