Final Reminder – Contract Management Webinar Tomorrow!

A final reminder about our Webinar tomorrow, 5.30pmm UK time, 6.30pm CET etc.

Getting to Grips with Contract Management – Managing Contract Visibility, Risk and Opportunity as a CPO”.

There’s more information – and a chance to register – here.

We’ll be talking about our new research paper, available now for practitioners on registration (or PRO subscribers) here, titled: Preparing for Procurement in 2020: Negotiation, Contract and Supplier Information Overload -  Getting to Grips with Contract Management

During the webinar we hope to answer questions including:

  • Why should the CPO take ownership of contract management in their organisation?
  • What are the key risks that good contract management can mitigate?
  • What are the opportunities that flow from effective contract management?
  • What is the role that the CPO and procurement can and should play?
  • How do you get started if you’re not already on top of contract management?
  • What is “contract discovery” and why is it often such an important element of getting to grips with contract management?

Join Jason Busch of Spend Matters US, Ulf Zetterberg, CEO of Seal Software – and me – tomorrow to find out the answers to these questions and more...

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