Final Reminder – Webinar on Measuring Procurement savings on Thursday

A final reminder!

On this Thursday, 2pm UK time, 3pm most of Western Europe, 9am East Coast USA., we have a webinar with Sievo and industrial manufacturers Grundfos.

We’ll be talking about the key topic of procurement savings measurement – why it is important, why it isn’t done well in most organisations, and how it can be improved. I’ll be touching on the delicate subject of exactly how people lie in their savings reporting too!

Grundfos will be explaining how they went about addressing the issue of tracking, measuring and reporting savings, and what that has done to the stature and credibility of procurement in the organisation.

The webinar is free - you can register here now, for “Indisputable Savings,” and I’m sure it will be a useful way of spending an hour of your time.

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  1. Andrew Dougal:

    Is there a online copy of this presentation we can access? Thanks!

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