A Final Request – Please Complete Our Public Procurement Collaboration Survey

You may remember we are carrying out a piece of research into public procurement collaboration – what works well, what doesn’t, how could the situation be improved and so on.

We’ve interviewed several people with interesting stories to tell about their experience of collaboration, and we are very grateful to everyone who completed the survey on the topic that we developed. We’re analysing those results, based on close to 100 completed responses. But you note I said “close to” – we would really love to get to that magic 100 number.

So we would be eternally in your debt if you could take just 10 minutes – that is all it takes – to go through the questions and give us the benefit of your experience and thoughts. But it needs to be this week because we are now into the analysis stage. We’ll make sure you get a copy of the results, and we will have some sort of “event” (probably in the pub) to present the findings and all respondents will get invited to that (if you tell us your email address …)

You will of course also be helping the public sector and contributing to the debate. Collaboration has a key part to play in public procurement, but the history of it has been mixed to say the least. We hope with your help we can add to the understanding of the topic, and make current and future collaborations – whether “group buying” or shared service-type activities – more likely to succeed.

Here is the survey - and as another thank you for assisting, we hope you like the picture of our late lamented cat, Sapphire ....

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