Fiona’s Czerniaswka’s excellent new professional services Blog

I've mentioned before my erstwhile co-author, Fiona Czerniaswka, who is a real expert on  professional services and particularly the consulting industry.   She is  a Director of Source for Consulting, who , in their own words;

produce market-leading research, reports and analysis that draw both on our own world-renowned expertise, and on the extensive relationships we have with consulting firms and consultancy buyers. Most of our products are designed to be of use to buyers and users of consultancy as well as consulting firms.

One of my big achievements this year was to change her views about procurement people.  When we started writing the book, she felt that procurement people involved in professional services needed to work much harder to understand the industry.  By the time we had finished, she still thought that - but she also now believes that the industry needs to be much better at understanding procurement processes and people.

Anyway, she has now started her own Blog, and it is excellent.  Essential reading for anyone who is involved in professional services delivery or procurement.  I very much like her recent posts on 'thought leadership'. She suggests (tongue in cheek I think...) that of the 16,000 pieces of thought leadership available from the biggest 25 consulting firms' websites, only one is really effective.  Unfortunately, we don't know which one.....!

In her latest post she explores that further with a discussion of the 'usual' process of developing thought leadership.  Welcome to the world of blogging Fiona; and we have added you to our blogroll.

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