Your first 100 days as a Chief Procurement Officer.. or indeed in any new job

Tomorrow we have the last in our 2012 Real World Sourcing Series with BravoSolution. Guy Allen is leading and the topic is “The first 100 Days of the CPO”. It’s going to bring together some of the strands from previous sessions – how do you assess the function, for example, is obviously important for the procurement leader coming into a new organisation.

But that got me thinking more generally about the first 100 days in any procurement job ( or indeed pretty much any job, assuming it isn’t a totally structured role). It is an important time – the early impact you make, positive or negative, tends to stay with you for some time.  Now most of us will know people who burnt like a Roman Candle brilliantly to begin with, then rapidly faded. But in most cases, get off to a good start, and you’re well set up for success.

There are certainly some advantages you have as the new person that you shouldn’t squander.

(Read the rest of the article HERE at Spend Matters search4 procurement.)

And there will be more about Guy's session here next week.


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