Coming next week – the first Spend Matters UK/ Europe White Paper

Next week is an exciting one for us.

We'll be publishing our first Spend Matters UK/Europe White Paper.  It's on the topic of optimisation (advanced sourcing, or whatever you want to call it); a process and approach I've come to believe should lead to fundamental changes in some of our core thinking about procurement strategy and process.  I don't think that has been generally recognised yet, so I'm looking forward to stirring things up a bit here with this paper and a subsequent one to follow in June.

Our White Papers are sponsored - this one by Trade Extensions - but sponsors don't dictate the content in any sense, so don't worry that it will be a PR piece - far from it. Anyway, it will be available to download, FREE, from Monday.

We've also got a series assessing the UK Government's progress on procurement matters in their first full year in power (there goes the knighthood...) , more about the procurement recruitment market, the 'future of procurement' (from the recent SIG event), and, in case you're wondering, we won't be letting up on our challenge to the MOD single-tender consulting contract.

There's also the BravoSolution Sourcing Debate next Wednesday evening; it's pretty much fully subscribed now, but you can try and register here and if Sarah is in a good mood, you might just sneak in...!

All this, and the May music review to look forward to at the end of the week.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the cup final and the Eurovision Song Contest (Sweden is my favourite, with some of the strangest key-changes I've heard for a long time, but the boring French pseudo-operatic c**p will probably win).

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